The Garden Chapters

  1. Winter ‘23 and ‘24

    2024-03-04 20:44:28 UTC
    Winter has been very wet, and still is very wet. December was very tiresome as usual - the short days and busyness of Christmas. There’s never much room for garden things or even thinking about garden things. But then February comes, the garden awakens with birds singing and jewels of…

  2. Autumn ‘23

    2023-12-17 13:13:00 UTC
    Autumn is the time when I pick absolutely everything - the cosmos, chocolate, apricot, lemonade, cobalt blue salvias and cornflowers, scabiosa, zinnias - all of the last flowers.   I’ve always found Autumn’s changing light more beautiful than Summer’s - it’s another reason to look forward to Autumn. The colours shift…

  3. August ‘23

    2023-09-17 16:51:00 UTC
    August was the busiest yet - so here are just a few magical moments from the garden. The Painter’s Cabin was built! We’ve nestled her in the top half of the garden, tucked behind trees and flowers. One of the windows will look out onto the small pond, so we…

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